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BALI 4.1 Sinope

The BALI 4.1 picks up on all the innovations which have been so successful with the BALI 4.0: - The vast cockpit / saloon area, which completely opens up with a huge pivoting glazed door. - The very seaworthy integral foredeck area that provides rigidity and protection from spray with a very large sunbathing area and a forward cockpit which can comfortably accommodate the whole crew. - The raised helm station and very convivial fly bridge. - Retracting or sliding windows for optimal ventilation both at sea and at anchor. - Water and diesel tankage, and cool capacity superior to those of all their competitors. The BALI 4.1 additionally offers: - A new integral aft platform linking the two hulls. - New bench seating in the aft cockpit. - Large side lockers which can house a grill or scuba equipment.



The BALI 4.1 benefits from all the innovations that make the success of the Bali rangee, which has become the reference for cruising catamarans in terms of habitability. The BALI 4.1 offers unique spaces for relaxation and lazing with huge sunbathing area forward as on the flybridge and very cosy benches both in the front and rear cockpits as well as maxi lounger next to the helm station.

Unequalled comfort that only BALI can offer you!

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